FREE Wall Bottle Opener

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We’re giving away 25 of these wall bottle openers as a way of giving back to all our amazing customers.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone though so grab one well you still can.

All you have to do is a tiny shipping fee and you and your friends can be cracking open beers like a boss.


LIMITED EDITION Darth Vader Beer Mug

$40.00 $35.00

Love Star Wars?

Grab this LIMITED EDITON darth vader beer mug NOW!

It’s only available for a limited time and these things are flying out of our warehouse like crazy so don’t wait!

Globe Drink Dispenser


Harness the world in your fingertips and dispense your favorite drinks with this globe drink dispenser. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking a $15 30 pack with this quality drink dispenser you’ll feel like a king.

Bracelet Flask


Live lavish with your very own bracelet, that’s also a flask! Wear this around your wrist and never wonder where you placed your drink last!

Spin the Shot Roulette Game


Here we have a game that’ll have everyone at the table feeling drunk! Grab this Spin The Shot roulette game and gather up some friends, sit around a table and see who has to drink!

Dual Beer Hard Hat


Get drunk in style with this beer hat. Capable of holding two beers this beer hat lets you drink while you’re cooking, walking, running or doing anything else that requires both your hands.

Shot Roulette Drinking Game


Drinking Game Roulette Set With 16 Shot Glasses 
The casinos and movies known classic games are here for humorous for the holidays and must for men your celebration – Gift idea for birthday, day or just party with your friends
The game comes in a kit with 16 shot glasses and 2 mini balls so you’ll have everything you need to play!
Bet on this party like in the casino and win – or you if successful, determine to the other players the empty glass must drink.

Skull Shotglass


Take shots in style with this skull shot glass. Perfect for your hard liquor of choice, constructed of durable glass this Skelton shot glass will make a great addition to your collection.

6 Pack Beer Belt


Never lose your beer again with this beer belt! It can hold 6 of your favorite cold ones and is perfect for parties, hiking, camping and any activity involving beer!


Jack Daniels Engraved Luxury Fask

$50.00 $28.00

Grab this beautiful Jack Daniels themed flask that’ll hold 9oz of your favorite hard stuff. easy to carry around and equipped with a screw down cap so you can’t loose it when you’re stumbling around at 3 AM in the morning in the middle of the street,  it’s the perfect gift for you or someone else.


Smart Breath Digital LCD Alcohol Tester

$56.00 $42.00

Grab this Breathalyzer to test just how drunk you really are before you do anything you might regret. Or play around with it and see who can blow the highest number. The choice is yours.